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Trackpad problems, new 2015 XPS13

Got this pc recently, so far impressive, except for one huge showstopper. The *** trackpad. Trying to click precisely, say on the little x to close a browser tab is ridiculously hit and miss. As is trying to click on a link in a link dense page, like craigslist (half the time it clicks the link above where I wanted to click). AND two finger scrolling only works one out of three times, and one out of two of those times it jerks and scrolls too much. This is unacceptable on a new, expensive laptop.

Anyone know of a solution? These are a lot of posts about this, and I have installed a newer driver, but hasn't helped much. I need to decide whether to return the laptop in the next few days...

Other than this, and W8.1 which is a steaming pile of bad UI and confusion, for which I won't blame Dell, I like the machine, but I can't live with such a bad and unreliable primary usage device as the trackpad.

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Mary G
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RE: Trackpad problems, new 2015 XPS13

You have less than a month from invoice date to return. Discuss the problem with Support.

Win 8 solution--completely skip the Start Page and the Apps and boot directly to the desktop for a more familiar setup. Very much like windows 7--make shortcuts, install programs, pin to taskbar, etc.

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