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Trying to update XPS 13 BIOS without battery

I have been running my XPS 13 (9350) directly from AC for a couple of weeks because I removed a battery that recently became swollen. Nevertheless, I wanted to update the BIOS (1.4.18) but it is not allowing me since the battery no longer exists. The following message pops up...

"The AC adapter and battery must be plugged in before the system BIOS can be flashed.

Press OK when they are both plugged in or CANCEL to quit"

Clicking OK simply just re-pops the dialog.

Does anyone know of a workaround?

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RE: Trying to update XPS 13 BIOS without battery

Wait until you get the battery replaced.  Updating the BIOS without a working, charged battery is an open invitation to a dead mainboard.

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