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Vertical Docking for a laptop

Hi there.

I have a Latitude E5440 and a PRO3X docking station. both take a hefty amount of desktop space but rise only few centimeters above the desk. I was thinking of setting both in an upright position and clear up desk. just to clarify, I do not intend to use the laptop's built in monitor/keyboard etc. but use it as a "desktop PC" with a set of peripherals (monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers...). 

I have not found any documentation to such a setup, and any help would be appreciated.

My questions are:

1. Is there a good way to mount the docking station to a wall/cabinet? I could not locate mounting slots for screws.

2. Is there a good way to secure the laptop once it's docked vertically?

My initial thought is the fasten the docking station so it'll sit below the laptop, supporting it in the vertical with it's locking mechanism. 

Thanks in advance to whoever responds.

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