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Vostro 3550 with Switchable AMD Radeon HD3550M

I've got Vostro 3550 that I bought to improve my 3D entertainment. The problem is that I feel like I would have bought a computer from 1999 not from 2011. It looks like graphics switching doesn't work at all. There is a proof:

Cinebench OpenGL ratio is almost the same on ATI and on Intel Graphics (on Intel it's even better). What can I do? Driver is in version:8.811.1.5000.

Screen from Cinebench:

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In the range of notebooks, the Vostro series (now discontinued) were largely rebadged Inspirons - they were for price-conscious small business buyers - which is why you don't MUX-based switching graphics.  For that you have to step up to the Latitude series.

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Yes, this Vostro is business series notebook, so it MUST HAVE Windows XP support as well, so thanks Dell, now no Dell products in my environment!

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The system supports Windows 7 and Windows 8 only - it never had (nor was it advertised to) Windows XP support.

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