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left/right click not working on touchpad

Just bought a brand new Inspiron 15 7000 - and straight out the box the right/left click on the touchpad doesn't work. Any ideas ?

This is not good DELL !

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We’re listening. We can completely understand. If that happened to us we’d be really upset too. We request you to run the hardware diagnostics to check if there is any hardware causing the issue. You can click here to find the steps to run the hardware diagnostics. Please let us know if there is any error code and a validation code.

We also suggest you to update the touchpad driver from our support site. Kindly enter your service tag # on the link below and click on ‘Get drivers and downloads’ then download the "touchpad driver" from "Mouse, Keyboard & Input Devices"  section and install it.

Please let us know if this helped.

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Diagnostics check didn't show up anything.

I can find driver update area, with a list of suggested ones, (none relating to input devices)  but can't see anywhere that you select a specific section.


We're listening. We request you to share the service tag/express service tag, name on the account and your email address, so that we can check the details and assist you accordingly. To send a private message, click on my name and select ‘Send private message’.

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This is mad - all this on a brand new £850 laptop !!

Now, as if I weren't mad enough, I now cant get the hdmi output to work on the tv that I never had issues with my old laptop.

In just over a week I am ready to throw this out the window - no, better still, return it to Dell and go back to acer.

These are 2 basic functionality issues - this should not be a problem.

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Ok, I can't hold back any more - I need to rant.

So this laptop - let's start with the basic functionality I need to just do my job - I don't have time or knowledge to spend forever getting into setups/diagnostics/drivers etc - why does none of this work ..???

1. Touchpad - no left/right click (only left click works by tapping the pad)

2. Why when I plug headphones do I have to rummage around the audio settings, to say 'yes, I've plugged headphones in', otherwise the speakers still give sound, and nothing in the headphones.

3. I cannot get an external monitor to work - tried few cables (hdmi-hdmi, hdmi-vga) and nothing.

4. Windows 10 !! My god, rubbish. It looks like it was designed for children, all these colours and tiles, for x-box and games etc. I get up in the morning, all my work is gone cause it decided (again!) to restart for some more updates.

Plus, for this money, the performance seems just average.

Is it just me, or is tech actually making our lives harder, not easier.

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