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[m17x R1] latency trouble on gtx 260m sli with nvidia beta drivers


It's my first post here so first of all sorry for my bad English (i'm French)

I bought an Alienware m17x R1( intel q9000 and nvidia hybrid 9400m g+gtx260m sli OS:windows 7 x64 ) on the French dell authorized seller "Grosbill" to work with autodesk 3dsmax 2011 and maya 2011

I noticed some trouble with DPC latency with both 9400m and gtx 260m, searching on various forums i found the way to fix that.

so i installed Alienware A03 bios for alienware m17x R1 laptop

I  uninstalled Nvidia storage drivers

I installed last version of broadcom/dell wlan drivers

and i finally installed the "famous" nvidia beta drivers that normally would work

Now i still have DPC latency trouble when i'm on gtx 260m sli, i have no latency trouble on 9400m g, i restarted my laptop and after loading the OS my screen is flashing Red Green Blue black and white with a constant frequency, everything is getting worst

 I tried to start windows with the fail-safe mode, but without success, it fails on windows configuration

I'm a lil bit overwhelmed by that and i really need to fix it.

any ideas? (please!!)

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Re: [m17x R1] latency trouble on gtx 260m sli with nvidia beta drivers

Ok i think i've fixed the trouble, when i was under the sli mode, by monitoring the gpus, the 9400m G was still active and at a high temperature. i first installed A4 bios for m17x, then i uninstalled nvidia beta drivers (p3) using driver sweeper, then i installed the last nvidia beta drivers (p5), in the bios, i disabled hybrid support and disabled integrated graphics, it works, i hope it will help people who still have stuttering issue with that beautiful m17x beast, i hope nvidia will fix that problem with a true driver.

cheer, Alexandre.

Ps: Is there a way to switch thread statut to "solved" ?

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