Alienware 15 r3 - Heat problems?

I did not think I had a problem, I have been playing Battlefield 1 without problem or noticing any issues for the last 5 days. The machine does sound like a vacuum cleaner, but I thought that was maybe just how noisy the machine is.

Yesterday however the machine shutdown while playing Assassins Creed Syndicate (on ultra). I checked and the windows log reports "The system was shut down due to a critical thermal event." So I then hit google and found out there could be a problem in general. I did the dell stress test and then talked with dell support today. They claim I do not have a problem and that temps of 98 degrees while playing battlefield 1 is normal.

I put battlefield 1 in windows mode while chatting to the guy from Dell. And took a photo of the temps to show him. His words were, "Das ist normal würde ich sagen" (That is normal, to me).

Here is the screen shot. Is this normal? Do I just need to turn down the settings for the games?

Full specs: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700HQ CPU @ 2.60GHz 2x 8Gb DDR4 (2400 MHz) NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070

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RE: Alienware 15 r3 - Heat problems?

Maybe we meet at the Battlefield Smiley (zwinkernd)

I will check the Temps these Days and will get u the infos from my system.

Update: see those temps - i think i have an temperature Issue Smiley (überglücklich)

I had an Gigabyte P35X-v6 before, the Alienware 15 is not as noisy as u may think imho.



RE: Alienware 15 r3 - Heat problems?

Thanks for posting your temps.  It looks like I am not alone.  You also have a difference between cores of 13 degrees, that is just not right.

I guess I have to return my laptop.

Reviews are claiming temps of 60 degrees, so there must be something wrong.,4796-4.html

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RE: Alienware 15 r3 - Heat problems?

I have further ii´nvestigated this Issue. My CPU (6820) goes up to 12% into thermal throtteling.

The tool i used to test was AIDA64, the same the shared tests reffer to. On BIOS 1.02 the System forced to Shutdown, because of an thermal iussue. 

On BIOS 1.06 i have performance degedradtion and throtteling around 6-12% on my System.

It would be helpful if an Dell repesentative could tell us more. I actually think my device has two faults, the display bleed issue and the thermal problem,

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RE: Alienware 15 r3 - Heat problems?

Just testet with default settings on the BIOS. The systems stands on an normal table and has nothing airflow blocking around itself. DELL i think there is an serious Problem ....


Update - 30 Min of Witcher 3 1.31 with all Add Ons:

Guys i need Feedback Smiley (fröhlich)

RE: Alienware 15 r3 - Heat problems?

I already talked to a guy from tech support he claimed:

11/18/2016 04:03:17PM Mittel (JK): "Es geht nur darum, ob er noch abschaltet"

That just cant be true.  There is a huge difference in temps between core 0 and core 3, and the system is reported as running at 60 by the media.  Something is not right.

RE: Alienware 15 r3 - Heat problems?

I am ok with my monitor, just not the temps.  It might just need a repaste.  

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RE: Alienware 15 r3 - Heat problems?

I also think a repaste and refitting of the coolers could be a solution.

above i have added a non Benchmark Scenario. My Support Case ist still open - i hope i will get in touch with someone from engineering on monday.

if u like you could test your device too with aida64 Smiley (fröhlich)

RE: Alienware 15 r3 - Heat problems?

So I just finished chatting with the Dell Support people. They do not think that there is a problem with the laptop and the 16 degree difference in core temps is fine...

Here you go, the full result of my chat...

11/21/2016 07:52:56AM Keith Ball: "I am not happy with the heat of my laptop. Having read online a couple of reviews that claim their aw 15r3 is able to game at 60 degrees, I think there is something not right with mine."
11/21/2016 07:53:07AM Keith Ball: ",4796-4.html"
11/21/2016 07:53:16AM Keith Ball: ""
11/21/2016 07:53:26AM Mittel (JK): "Does the system switchoff again?" 
11/21/2016 07:54:21AM Keith Ball: "I have not hit that problem since the bios update, but I am getting thermal throttling events all the time."
11/21/2016 07:54:45AM Keith Ball: "I also have a core temp difference of 16 degrees"
11/21/2016 07:54:47AM Keith Ball: ""
11/21/2016 07:55:20AM Mittel (JK): "Thats normaly if you stress the system with games" 
11/21/2016 07:55:37AM Keith Ball: "90+ is not normal and will kill the laptop."
11/21/2016 07:55:39AM Mittel (JK): "Close the application that showing the temperature" 
11/21/2016 07:55:41AM Keith Ball: "It is also not what is claimed."
11/21/2016 07:55:57AM Mittel (JK): "Now play" 
11/21/2016 07:56:24AM Mittel (JK): "Thats a mobile system" 

11/21/2016 07:56:49AM Keith Ball: "So you are claiming that this is normal?"
11/21/2016 07:57:13AM Mittel (JK): "Does the diagnostics showing any error-code?" 
11/21/2016 07:57:24AM Mittel (JK): "Can you normaly play?" 

11/21/2016 07:57:33AM Keith Ball: "The lifetime of the laptop will not last very long with those heat problems and it is underperforming."
11/21/2016 07:57:56AM Keith Ball: "I get jitters in game, when the Thermal Events occur."
11/21/2016 07:58:27AM Keith Ball: "The diagnostics show no errors."
11/21/2016 07:59:02AM Keith Ball: "So, you say that laptop is fine. ok. Who do I talk to about returning it, as I cant believe you think 90+ is ok."
11/21/2016 07:59:04AM Mittel (JK): "Than seems to be all OK." 
11/21/2016 07:59:38AM Mittel (JK): "If you stress the system, then 90 degree is OK" 

11/21/2016 08:00:26AM Keith Ball: "So how do you explain the core temp difference?"
11/21/2016 08:00:52AM Keith Ball: "One core running at 80, which I would accept as being stressed and the other 96?"
11/21/2016 08:02:00AM Mittel (JK): "different stress"
11/21/2016 08:02:29AM Keith Ball: "To me it seems like it needs to be repasted. And there heatsink is sitting incorrectly on the cpu."
11/21/2016 08:02:42AM Mittel (JK): "PLEASE CLOSE THE TEMPERATURE-SCREEN" 
11/21/2016 08:05:02AM Keith Ball: "Who do I get in touch with to either get a second opinion on this? As I think it needs to be repaired, or how do I return the device?"
11/21/2016 08:06:49AM Mittel (JK): "The system is technical OK. We cant take back the system here in the techn. support" 
11/21/2016 08:07:42AM Mittel (JK): "NO technical problem" 

11/21/2016 08:07:45AM Keith Ball: "And you will not send someone to repaste and reseat the cpu?"
11/21/2016 08:07:54AM Mittel (JK): "NO" 
11/21/2016 08:08:03AM Keith Ball: "ok, thanks."
11/21/2016 08:08:07AM Keith Ball: "Have a nice day."
11/21/2016 08:08:14AM Mittel (JK): "thanks" 

I am apparently the proud owner of a perfectly fine and working AW15R3... I guess all I can do now is either manually repaste myself or return the damned thing. I just gave them a LOT of money for this thing.

RE: Alienware 15 r3 - Heat problems?

It would be great if you could let me know how your support case gets resolved.