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Dell Rugged 5414 WWAN SSD

Dear Experts,

I have Rugged e5414 machine with WWAN port free. Can i use this port as internal SSD. And which type and brand recommended from you or any alternate for 2nd internal SSD?


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Welcome to the Dell Community  @khatana 

I have many 5404's in the warehouse but I am not sure if I have any 5414's.

I will check on Monday morning.

Maybe someone else will post a reply before then???

If not I will let you know what I find then.

Best regards,


6 Indium


Sorry but I have around 50 of the 5404's and not a single 5414.

When I talked to the warehouse manager he informed me that he remembers only a few in the past.

Looking at the price for the 5414 I can understand why we have only received a few. "WOW" 

The layout for the cards looks about the same.


I could try and install an SSD but I could not guaranty that it would work in the 5414 even if it worked in the 5404??? 




Dear all, I tried to install SSD mini at WWAN slot as attached two models but it was not detecting. Need help if these model supported to that slot or i can try any other type?

slot WWANslot WWAN


model 2model 2


Model 1Model 1



available WWAN slotavailable WWAN sloti also try to insert below SSD on WWAN slotsecond optionsecond option


any possible solution please??

I  was thinking about this same , but ...did you enable  that  connector in BIOS ?



i tried to detect hard drive via dell internal diagnostic tools but have no info about enabling of connector. Do we need to enable for diagnostic tool also? and how?

Looking forward for the solution 


Look here, I had the same problem / question...German-Dell-Forum...

In short: the M2 is connected via USB. Pity!


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