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Late 5401 - strange network behavior

Hi all.

did someone else notice some very strange network behavior in late 5401 Latitudes (built around 26th Nov 2019)?

I have several of them and they all act VERY strange:

- usually after few minutes, the network (LAN) throughput is extremely low (down to packet loss) for several minutes and then it is all fine again - for a few minutes and it starts again
- change network cable sometimes fixes this instantly
- sometimes not
- sometimes a "subnet" change fixes this instantly
- sometimes not
- even if its fixed, it returns few minutes later

we have older 5401 that work very well and we used the very same OSD (Win 1903 with SCCM) with the same drivers.

Anyways, I updated the drivers. One laptop with Dell Command Update and one by hand. Both still have the same problem. I updated Windows from 1903 to 1909. Same problem. I boot Ubuntu and after about half an hour I don't have the problem.

To be clear: I'm currently not asking for diagnostics and tipps, there is some more to try with lots of effort and we did test far more than I could write down right now.

I'm here to ask, if someone else also have this and maybe this is some kind of drivers issue or hardwarefault in this charge.

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Re: Late 5401 - strange network behavior

I am assuming that Ubuntu does not give you problems because Smartbyte is a Windows program and you probably have it installed. Uninstall it as it is more trouble than it is worth. This forum page will help.

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Re: Late 5401 - strange network behavior

answered twice already... both replies lost. nice Forum software, Dell...


I thought it is the Bios 1.3.2 from August, which actually has a network problem and was fixed in August. Don't ask me, why Dell builds Laptops in November using outdated and faulty Bios versions...

It is no Smartbyte or anything. We install our own Windows 10 which basically is original Microsoft ISO and Dell driver cabs

And this is how it looks like. Later down, there is also packet loss



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