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New Kaby Lake XPS 13: coil whine

Hi everybody,

After I was so happy to have found a Linux supported laptop with very good specifications, I had to return the brand new 9350 QHD+ because of the coil whine noise. It was a real pity because I was in love with the rest, but it was simply too loud.

Now I am thinking again what to buy.

Is the design of the new XPS 13 Kaby Lake (9360) solving the coil whine problem?

If yes, I would prefer to wait and support Dell buying the DE.

I know this is not a hardware forum, but I hope that someone from Dell can give me an asnwer here. Thank you very much in advance!

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i have the coil whine issue on my new 9360 xps13 as well. $1300+ and it comes with this kind of issue? unacceptable. im up to bios 2.3.1 and the issues persists. My replacement unit also has it!

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Hi Justin, I bought my laptop like couple days ago and its already having this issue. Am I eligible to mail in and exchange for another one with A02 board?

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Hello, i bought my laptop 2 weeks ago, and its already having the issue too. I've check my motherboard, it's the A00.

What can i do ?


@Colecc and Flolivaud

The motherboard revision numbers was addressed here:


I would now like to re-share some history and then provide an update as to where we’re at.

Motherboard History:

-Systems manufactured before Jan 1 2017 will show A00 ( we all know this )

-Systems manufactured between Jan 1 2017 and mid February 2017 will show A02 motherboards ( I don't  have the exact date in February )

-Systems shipped after mid February 2017 will have new part numbers that will show as A00

-This is due to an internal numbering change and not a physical motherboard change. When the part number changed, the A-revision number was set back to zero ( A00 )

-These new part numbers implemented in mid February 2017 and onward are the same motherboards as  the A02 motherboards shipped between Jan 1 2017 and Mid February 2017and therefore contain the reduced noise fix. They just have different numbers on them

-These new part numbers are available at the factory and are also available in service stock. They're outlined in SLN305206 ( give this document ID to Dell tech support if you call )

BIOS Update History:

-After the implementation of above motherboard changes, some noise still remained

-Dell worked to improve even further and on July 21st 2017 Dell released 1.3.7 BIOS which had changes in order to lower noise. The change was described in the release notes as: "Optimize CPU loading to improve EE noise"

-The "Optimize CPU loading" change that was introduced in BIOS 1.3.7 caused other issues including latency between system and USB devices connected through the TB16 dock

-On August 4 2017 BIOS 1.3.7 was removed and replaced with 2.1.0

-The "Optimize CPU loading" fix was carried over to 2.1.0

-On October 25th 2017 Dell released 2.3.1 in which the "Optimize CPU loading" fix was removed, resolving the USB issues

Where we’re at today regarding BIOS update:

-Dell has further improved the “Optimize CPU loading” solution and On December 12th 2017 XPS 13 9360 2.4.2 BIOS was released.


-New 9360 systems manufactured after Jan 19th 2018 will have 2.4.2 installed at factory

-BIOS 2.4.2 is meant to lower noise, not eliminate it

-It’s highly likely that any remaining ‘coil noise’ heard after implementation of 2.4.2 will be deemed as working within specification

Please install 2.4.2 and feel free to share your feedback here. I’ve been assured by Dell engineering that the new changes have been thoroughly tested in order to prevent the USB issue from returning.

Justin C Dell Technical Support | Project Sputnik

Dell Support is also on Twitter!

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Updated to the new 2.4.2 Bios i can say the coil whine is still very present.

Im not sure if its any better than the previous Bios.

I noticed that some web pages have less sound and others more, ie. i found Facebook to be extra loud. I just dont understand why my old Dell 5510 and all my previous laptops have had no sounds and this brand new $$$ laptop cant be the same/better.

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Hi Justin,

I have another question, I am not having a problem with coil wine, however there is a significant scratching / crackling noise that is coming from the machine when under load (mostly when I start to get too many tabs / instances of chrome open and if I'm working with vectors.

Dell support replaced the SSD in my device, which stopped the problem for a while, however it is back now.

My warranty runs out in January and I'm concerned.

Do you know anything about this scratching / crackling noise from the 9360? 512gb

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P.s. I have updated BIOS etc



I'm not currently aware of any other cases where the a drive is making noise like that. However, we should be able to work something out. Send me a friend request with your service tag and I'll take a look.

Justin C Dell Technical Support | Project Sputnik

Dell Support is also on Twitter!

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I have a $2000 laptop (i7-8550U with 16GB RAM QHD+, iCoil whiner++) and the coil whine is unacceptable, 2.4.2 made it a lot worse under linux.

I has something to do with CPU frequency.

when I do "sudo cpupower frequency-set  --min 400000 --max 1000000"

than i have hardly any coil whine, but a slow laptop.

when I do "sudo cpupower frequency-set --min 300000  --max 4000000"

than I have horrible coil whine

Dell u need to fix this.


I've bought an XPS 13 in 12/2017.

Same problem for coil whine, bios is updated, i'm on linux etc...

1400€ + for this laptop and there is this kind of problems ? Unacceptable ...

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