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New XPS 13 Ivy Bridge w Ubuntu 12.04 - no stable wireless


I just received a brand new XPS 13 with Ivy Bridge chipset. I directly installed the 12.04 version on it and went to work... for about 3 minutes and then, the wifi dropped. I had to reboot to bring it back and it fails after few minutes... all the time.

I tried adding the sputnik ppa and update as well as many other workaround found on the various ubuntu forums. No can do and right now, I am quite frustrated.

My plan for tomorrow is to upgrade to 12.10 with the 3.5+ kernel. I have not found any post about this particular problem on this version. The problem seems to originate from the Centrino Advanced N 6235 network card driver which might have been updated in 12.10.

What is exactly going on with this problem?? Is there a new driver or a fixed driver in the pipeline? Have you heard about problems with 12.10?

Thanks for your support,


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Check this:

Solution  posted by mhanby on 17 Jul 2013 8:59 PM works for me.

-- Jakke

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