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Dell's plans for LTS upgrade and how to keep legal codecs


I replaced the Dell mini 10v 8.04 with 9.04 unr and promptly lost the media codecs supplied by dell.  Couldn't work out how to upgrade from within ubuntu as it seemed that Dell had limited the update functions in 8.04.  Also coudn't work out how to transfer the codecs separately.  So wiped 8.10 with a new 9.04 unr from a memory stick.  More recently I've installed 9.10 and lost wireless function as well, but supposedly gained home drive and swap encryption.  So the machine is safer but not very useful as a netbook!  What I'm wondering is this:

Suppose I work out how to convert the useless reinstall CD supplied by Dell (the mini has no CD drive) into an iso to load onto a memory stick using ubuntu startup disk creator, I might be able to reinstall the original 8.04lts complete with legal codecs.  Anyone know how to generate an iso image from the cd?  I've read about DD but not sure if that will really do the trick.

Then suppose that Dell provide an upgrade path, from within 8.04 to skip directly to the next lts: 10.04 when it comes out.  That way I might end up with a secure home drive on the netbook and still keep the legal codecs.  Though probably the internal upgrade won't allow the introduction of drive encryption.

Does anyone know what Dells plans are for Ubuntu upgrades, and how users can keep the legal codecs throughout OS changes?  Or does the Dell license somehow cover you to use unlicensed codecs on the machine?


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Re: Dell's plans for LTS upgrade and how to keep legal codecs

UNetbootin allows you to create bootable Live USB drives for a variety of Linux distributions from Windows or Linux, without requiring you to burn a CD. You can either let it download one of the many distributions supported out-of-the-box for you, or supply your own Linux .iso file   


sudo apt-get install unetbootin


As for codes did you try installing the "restricted-extra" packages?

sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras


We found using wicd works best for the wireless on my wife's Dell 1420N

sudo apt-get install wicd


I never use the drive encrytion



On our Asus 701 , Eeebuntu worked best














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Re: Dell's plans for LTS upgrade and how to keep legal codecs

But what's the best way to create an iso from the original CD?

As for restricted-extra packages, I figure if they were good and legal Dell would have supplied them in the first place.  But instead they provided Fluendo codecs, so I'd like to get at those.  Or does Dell licensing cover you to use codecs from the restricted-extra repository?

wicd - this seems to be a configuration server, whereas I understand it is the driver on the dell mini that won't work.

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Re: Dell's plans for LTS upgrade and how to keep legal codecs

most disk burning software can make iso from original CD/DVD. I use Nero and it does the job.

it would be much easier if you kept your upgrade and just updated your drivers using your wired interface.

In Linux, it will be under System, Hardware Drivers. This is done Automatically.


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