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Any difference between dell p2210T version and p2210f version

As title says.  I have 3 of the p2210 monitors that I got last year.  They were p2210T item # u828k.  All 3 same model, version and item #. 

I use them for eyefinity gaming with a amd graphics card.

I ordered 2 more an hour ago from the outlet center.  Also got 2 of my current 3 from there also.  From the outlet center where it lists monitors available it says p2210 and when you go to product page it says p2210.  When I placed my order I saw that it is a different revision from my p2210T and on order form it says p2210F and item #u829k. 

I will using all 5 for a eyefinity 5x1 portrait gaming setup.  However I know in order to use bezel management on the amd radeon gpu's you are supposed to have the exact same monitors.  Should these work?  Is the EDID info the same??  Guess I will find out in a few days!


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They are the same model and specifications but from two vendors -
P2210T U828K wistron
P2210F U829K innolux

The F is generally sold on the Small Form Factor PCs.

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Hello, and P2210 is the same as well?

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