Backlight or Color/Tint uniformity policy


No full dark room validation = Dell monitors are not validated in a full dark room. Consumer monitors are inspected at 150lux ambient lighting (similar to typical office lighting). UltraSharp monitors are inspected with a tighter criteria of 70lux ambient lighting (dimly lit room but not full dark).

Full screen matching uniformity = It is acceptable for the corners, sides, bottom, and top to differ from each other or the center and still be within manufacturer specifications. The following monitors pass our manufacturer specifications for uniformity and would not be exchanged =

PASSES.JPGU3415W passes
image2.JPGU3419W passes

AW3418DW.JPGAW3418DW passes
UP2516D passes.JPGUP2516D passes


Side looks different than head on = When viewing a monitor from too far to either side, above, or below, the panel may appear darker than it will appear when viewed from straight ahead. This is expected and normal.

Same model matching = Each monitor is factory calibrated to variables from the manufacturer. They are not compared side by side. The only way to get a better match is to calibrate the monitors using calibration hardware and software from vendors X-rite or DataColor.

Reset the video card to default colors
If the video card is set to the wrong color settings, it can affect what you see on the monitor. To change the graphic settings to their default:
* Go to Start- Settings- Control Panel
* Find the video display settings. The exact location will vary with the type of video card on your computer as well as which version of Windows you are running. Look for any button that allows you to restore the video card to factory default settings. You may be asked to choose a display profile. There should be a default profile among the choices

Test all of the Preset Modes
Monitor appearance can be changed by choosing different preset modes from the OSD menu. Changing the preset mode may result in a more appealing overall appearance. To do this:
* Press the Menu button to open the monitor OSD
* Find the selection for Preset Modes and choose it
* Scroll through the different preset modes that are available and choose the one that appears to be most acceptable

Making custom color adjustments
If you want to make detailed adjustments to the appearance, choose Custom Color from the preset mode options. In this mode, you may adjust the color balance and various other detailed settings that affect the monitor's appearance. If you need to undo changes made in the Custom Color mode, go to the OSD and select Color Settings and then Reset Color.

Adjusting brightness and contrast
After you have reset the monitor to Factory defaults in the OSD, any brightness and contrast changes should be made in the video card control panel display settings.

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