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DUCCS: REC 709 preset gamma value? (NETFLIX requires 2.4)

Hi there

There is a REC 709  preset in DUCCS. I cannot adjust the Gamma. What is the default value?

Otherwise, what are the primary values and white point for REC 709, so I can make a custom profile?


Partial reply: 

Primaries are:

XR: 0.64YR: 0.33XG: 0.30YG: 0.60XB: 0.15YB: 0.06

White point at CIE D65



REC 709 gamma is normally given by a composite function, linear for low Luma, then logarithmic (or exponential, I´m not a math teacher). Nevertheless, networks issue different specifications. NETFLIX requires a simple 2.4 gamma function. So what is the default vallue in DUCCS? And, if it isn´t 2.4, can anybody provide the primary values in order for me to make my own NETFLIX preset?


Thank you

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