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U3011, Nvidia 1080 Ti HDMI, only FullHD resolution?


I'm able to do output on DisplayPort to 2560x1600 but not on HDMI. Brand new cable 4K capable and I still get as native resolution FullHD. I tried to set up a new resolution but doesn't look good at all in test mode and he can't apply it. Latest video drivers latest monitor drivers.

Any ideas?


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Re: U3011, Nvidia 1080 Ti HDMI, only FullHD resolution?

@Bernardionescu  The U3011 manual available on (direct link to it here) indicates that it only supports up to 1080p on its HDMI input, possibly because that display was created before an HDMI spec that supported 2560x1600 existed in the market.  So it was probably added for people who might want to connect a game console or cable/satellite TV box to it.  To run its full 2560x1600 resolution, you need either dual-link DVI or DisplayPort.  I'm guessing you don't have the former on a 1080 Ti since dual link DVI is ancient, but you should have multiple DisplayPort outputs on a 1080 Ti.  So use one of them.

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