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dell P2815Q resolution Vs hz

hi guys @ dell

got the P2815Q i know, i know...4k resolution will ONLY run @ 30Hz thats why it's a great price! I understand that but how about if i change the resolution DOWN to HD (1920x1080) can I then run this monitor " 60Hz???

as currently struggling with Youtube and other streaming websites (Netflix etc) as encountering the Flickering...because of the 30Hz

this is why i'd like to change spec down to HD res but have 60Hz running through it...is this possible?

using displayport cable at moment which supports 60Hz I know HDMI only supports 30Hz @ 4k but like i say only want HD with 60Hz

recommendations? different cable or CAN THIS MONITOR SIMPLY NOT DO IT?


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RE: dell P2815Q resolution Vs hz

According to the chart on pages 23-24 of the User's Guide, you can do the following resolutions and Hz =

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