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Backing up mapped drive


I want to set a record for a given server to my server from legato to storing my snapshot.
But I can make my server enxege the disk, but the label when I tell him that there is no directory.

\ \ server: c: \ share


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Re: Backing up mapped drive


When nsrexecd is started as a service, it cannot obtain the CIFS path because of access restrictions to its security credentials from the NetWorker client (nsrexecd). By default, nsrexecd starts as a service under the SYSTEM account that does not have the correct permissions to access the CIFS share.


  1. 1. Create an account on the NetWorker client machine with the same username and password as an account with permissions to the CIFS shares.

  1. 2. Perform one of the following backup operations:

   - Backup the CIFS shares saveset:

      a. Edit the Client resource for the NetWorker client that is backing up the CIFS share:

         - For the Remote User attribute, enter the username from step 1.

         - For the Password attribute, enter the password from step 1.

      b. Use the savegrp command to backup the CIFS shares saveset from the command line.

          For example:  # savegrp client_name -G group_name

   - Backup the CIFS shares:

     a. Make sure that the NetWorker client is connected to the CIFS share.

        For example, run a command shell that:

        - Has a mapped share with net use \\IP_address\share.

        - Is connected with the username and password that has access to the CIFS share.

      b. Use the Save - L command to backup the CIFS shares.

          For example:  # Save –L


To back up a mapped drive in either scheduled or manual backup, do not specify the drive letter. Instead, specify the UNC path.

For example, to specify the accounts directory on the server Jupiter, type:


For scheduled backups, you also need to add the user name and password required to access the UNC path to the Remote User and Remote Password attributes in the Client Resource



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Re: Backing up mapped drive

Thank you for this amazing answer

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