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Backup tasks are not working well

Hi All,

this my first time to post here and hope i'll find the solution to my issue.

EMC NetWorker V9.0.0.2 is used as a backup solution in my company. since few days I noticed that the backups are no longer working well, and there are some error messages which I don't understand and therefore impossible to fix the issue. below are some examples of these error message:

  • Unable to close save session: The operation completed successfully.
  • Exited with exit code: 1, completion severity: ERROR(50), completion status: failed(1)

also please find in the attached what I'm getting on the console.

could someone help me to fix this issue please?

thanks in advance for all contributionerror_msg.PNG.png

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Re: Backup tasks are not working well

Error(50) is a kind of general error. More details from other logs should tell you more.

May I also urge you to update to a later version (9.1.1.x or (9.2.1.x) which has proven to be more stable.

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