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How to manually start a separate action inside a workflow

Dear readers,

I have looked and looked for this but i do not get the exact solution im looking for.

Please bear with me.
I have workflows that contain backup actions
I added clonejob actions to those workflows.

When I start the workflow, the backup action will run first and then the clonejob action copies the backup to another storage.

But, there are backupjobs that I do not want to start, I just want to start the clonejob.

How can I just start the clonejob action? I know the backup action has run before and there is a saveset and now I want to clone this without running the entire backup again.

Is there anything I can do?

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Re: How to manually start a separate action inside a workflow

I prefer manual cloning that why I have no real experience.

However as you can start the backup action via command line

  nsrworkflow -p policy -w workflow [-c client] -A "'bu_action' -l level" -a

I assume that you start the clone action as follows:

  nsrworkflow -p policy -w workflow [-c client] -A "'clone_action'"


If this does not work, use mminfo to generate the ssid list of all the save sets which have been created and send the output to a file. Example:

   mminfo -q your_query_criteria -r ssid > filename

Then run nsrclone to clone the save set list:

   nsrclone -b pool -S -f filename


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Re: How to manually start a separate action inside a workflow

@Stefan_CGI, To be honest i don't think starting just the clone action in a backup workflow is going to work because the input to the clone action is got from the backup action. If the backup action never runs then there is nothing for clone action to work on. Also, the clone action needs to run after a backup action I doubt if this will even work.

What you can do instead is create a new workflow for cloning only. The group for this workflow will need to be of type Save set Query and select the required filters to add the savesets that you need cloned dynamically. Keep the workflow autostart disabled so that this workflow can be started only when required manually.


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Re: How to manually start a separate action inside a workflow

Hi guys,


Thanks for the replies, i appreciate that.

I have solved it for now by just cloning the saveset.

The backups had a saveset in the first place, i was just hoping i could run the action separately.

In any case, my issue has been solved.

Cheers, have a good day!



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