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Maestro (TWS) integration with NetWorker 9.0

I am at a customer location working on NetWorker 9.0 Implementation. They are migrating from TSM to NetWorker 9.0 as of now. The way they are backing up the TSM is using Tivoli Workflow Scheduler (Maestro). The maestro agent sitting on the TSM controls the schedule through the script to run backup of every client.

They want to integrate this functionality in the new NetWorker 9.0 Implementation. The requirement of the script is to configure all the backups in NetWorker, but provide commands to maestro to schedule and trigger it using their own schedule. The command should provide the exit code/return code to the maestro to determine the success or failure of the backups. I am unable to figure out the commands to pass on to the maestro to achieve what they want.

Did any one of you have encountered this challenge or ever worked on similar requirement? Any inputs are highly appreciated.


Akshay Bhumkar

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