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Migration to new zone servers

Good day,

We recently added several new zone servers ( to NetWorker and are in the process of migrating windows clients to the new zone servers from an overloaded single zone server.  Is there an automated way to update each client's servers file with the new zone server information as we will be decommissioning the old zone server?

I have tried to use xcopy without success due to permissions issues.  And the number prevents me from doing it manually (over 2000 clients between Linux and Windows).

Thank you in advance.


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Re: Migration to new zone servers

This servers file (/nsr/res/servers) is created and updated using an o/s editor, and then NetWorker client is restarted for it to read its contents.

So there is no NetWorker feature that will directly update this file, nor is there a NetWorker remote method to restart the application.

Possible workaround to update this file remotely:

  1. Using a Windows client:
    1. update the servers file as needed.
    2. backup this file
    3. then use this backup and perform a directed recover of this file (with recover option=overwrite), to other NetWorker Windows clients
  2. For other o/s', perform similar steps as in #1

With this, at least you can update the servers file to the remote clients.  This can be done using saveset recover method, so you can put this into a script to run.  This assumes that the full path to the servers file is the same for every host, if not, then the recover options has to be modified to reflect the target location.

Only drawback is that the NetWorker software on each client still has to be restarted for it to read the new server's file.

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Re: Migration to new zone servers

To continue to us a non NetWorker workaround to update the file, please take a look at the discussion.

     Copying files to remote computers using psexec  


Which  suggests:

     copy /y \\server\share\file.msi \\machine\c$\

     Or, to make use of pc list file:

     for /f %a in (pclist.txt) do copy /y \\server\share\file.msi \\%a\c$\

For Unix/Linux:  scp file.txt user@remote.host:/path/to/file.txt

However, you would still need to restart the NetWorker client for NetWorker to read the new servers file.

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Re: Migration to new zone servers

I think the following will help solve the issue of how to remotely restart NetWorker.  I haven't tried this personally, but based on research:

In Windows, open command in admin mode and use:

     SC \\COMPUTERNAME stop "nsrexecd"

     SC \\COMPUTERNAME start "nsrexecd"

For Unix/Linux, use: ssh user@remote_host   "(NetWorker Startup script)". Replace (NetWorker Startup script) with the full path and name of the NetWorker startup script on the remote host.  For example:

     ssh user@remote_host   "/etc/init.d/networker    stop"

     ssh user@remote_host   "/etc/init.d/networker    start"

give it a try and let us know... good luck

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