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NetApp saveset syntax

Hello  again everyone - I have what should be a simple question to answer, but I really have not found it.

I am trying to backup filesystems on my NetApp FAS 8020 , and I have everything created in Networker for it, except for the saveset syntax. Back in my EMC days with NDMP/Celerra, this would be something like /root_vdm_01/volname/, but in the NetApp world I have been unable to find out the proper syntax/path to use.

Does anyone have a NetApp Networker client that can share a screenshot of the saveset window?

I have tried support for both products, Networker and NetApp, and they each tell me to open a case with the other.

Thanks in advance for any information!

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Re: NetApp saveset syntax

On NetApp, the naming convention is: /vol/volname/..
There is also a hidden directory for the snapshots of each volume: /vol/volname/.snapshot/snapshotname

A nice trick I like to use sometimes if I'm unsure about the syntax for any NDMP Client's saveset is to run a test backup using saveset All. When the backup starts, just terminate it after few mins, you should see all the different savesets listed in the monitoring tab and their syntax. This trick works for VNX and Isilon... I'm not sure about NetApp.

However, that said, it's always best to ask your storage team for the correct syntax for the saveset, they will know (Or at least should know). Alternatively, check yourself via putty. 

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