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Networker Client logs


We have a client (windows 2012 fileservrer) that is failing in one of it´s save set, we cannot found the reason of failure in the Networker logs (server and client). We try to add save -d99 in the backup commando of the client, but no log is generated.

Any advice ?

Thanks for all the help.

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If you're getting nothing from the client then you should see an error serverside.  Otherwise, it's likely that the server can contact the client but the client not create a connection to the server, either due to routing issues, firewall settings, port ranges or similar.

However, the simple first step would be to try to run the save manually from the command line on the client and see what happens - skip any debug to start with and see if you get an error and slowly increase the debug (-vvv, -D3, -D9) if necessary rather than wading through D99 output immediately, then work from there depending on the error you find.

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Sounds strange. But before you use the debug level I would first try to answer some questions:

  - Does it fail on a system save set?

     If so, the reason might be system specific

  - Does it fail permanently on the whole (same) data volume?

     If so, check the volume first

     What is different with respect to the other volume(s)?

  - Does it fail sometime with the backup process

     If so, it can become difficult. Try to search the client's daemon.raw file and the Windows Event Log for more details.


The save sets are from ordinary files (a file server), we separeted the various directories into differents save sets in the client (instead of copying E:\Data in a save set, we put E:\Data\users, E:\Data\docs, E:\Data\Programs etc in the save set list). The backup fails only in one of this directories (the largest, with thousand of files).

By the logs i can´t identify the failure, only that it failed, the other save sets are copied withou problem.

I can´t find a log with the work done (like with file failed, or the causa of failure). No logs in event viewer. I can´t manualy start the backup because it is large and takes too long to follow up.

I am a new to Networker.

Hi Jose,

            If this is a file server and has millions of files, then why don't you try Block Based Backups, it would be faster and you can backup the whole volume instead of backing up files/folders individually.

Backing up huge filesystems is not really an issue if you add just enough resources.

We have file servers with millions of small files stored in only a few directories.

My personal preference - before you do anything else, add more RAM to your server.

This is especially important as you obviously run parallel save commands - each one uses needsits own memory, of course.

Also make sure that a proper NetWorker version is installed on that client.

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