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Networker volume move on DD replica


I have to think about a feature in networker similar to VM migration in Veeam, therefore in Vmware integration area.

Since there is nothing similar implemented in networker, I've read about the new "volume move feature", but it's not so clear to me.

As basis of the feature, there is datadomain with ddboost supported device. And it's ok. But I've seen that the source and the target networker server has to share the same datadomain mtree ( SMT feature ) or the target can use a "fast-cloned" mtree.

There is the possibility to use, on the target side, a mtree that is a REPLICA of the source mtree volume? If it is not a feature now, it will be included in a future release?

Thanks a lot for any suggestion



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NW Volume Move has been introduced with NW The purpose is to migrate the metadata of a DDBoost volume among two DDs.

It is a separate piece of software (currently available as version 1.2)  you must install in addition to NW. You will find both, documentation and software from the usual NW support pages. In addition to the User Guide there is also the NW Command Line Reference for nsrmigrate . It will tell you more.


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