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Problem recovering with NMM

I had a mistake somewhere mistyping and now I get this error in NMM GUI trying to browse database:

Index initialization failed forExchange 2010 Recover Session:

Unable to connect to index for client DAG on NetWorker server host-networker. `' is not a registered client

If I add client with fqdn like, I see same error. I know it was a typing problem but it's so strange.

I don't know where to change that parameter "" to "" because I need to recover some databases but it's not working nor NMM GUI or Client Recover, same error.  i can see in Indexes in "Media >> Indexes" so I know my Indexes are safe but I can't get to them.

Do you think it was a problem prior to first backup or I can change that FQDN. Should I take all backups again?

I appreciate your help


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Hello Koven,

The first question should be:

How is the DAG client created in NetWorker server, is it or

If the client entry is created in NMC as, then you just need to select the correct client in NMM GUI to retrieve data from instead of

To do it so, go to the Exchange server and open NMM client (if UAC enabled open it by "Run as Administrator").

Then click in Options->Configure Options->Click on the "Refresh Button" (2 green arrows"->Select the correct client name from the list on the left, and click "Add".

Remove from the list on the right the .edu client (no needed, but just to avoid further confusions).

Click ok.

Back in the Configure Options window, Click on the drop down menu "Client Name" and select

Click ok and then you can continue with the browsing operation, by selecting "Recover"->Exchange 2010 Recover Session->Database Recover.

Let us know if that helps.

Thank you.



Thanks for your help. I tried everything you tell me to do.

I have three options in drop down:


nodeexchange ( it's the name of one of the physical servers)

I've recreated the client resource (, many times in Networker Server and I see same error over and over again.

I don't know if netwoker uses some xml or something to check configurations, because there is no reference about an but it's possible sometime I wrote edu instead com when i did register it.

I take a workaround puting like alias of, but isn't best solution.

Is possible that this to be the way to solution my problem?

Always thanks for your help Carlos.



Hi Koven,

I'm afraid you are facing duplicated client ID issues.

I would suggest you to check this one:

And then re-create the DAG name with the correct name (FQDN).

Thank you.



Hey Koven,

Could you please let us know if the above solution helped you to solve the issue?

Thank you.


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Hi Carlos,

I've been trying to solve this issue but it's not possible. I don't see any reference about index with a client in Indexes section related to client.

Do you have any reference about recovery procedure? When I run NMM I see client is contacting server in anyway, and after a while I see the not found indexes error.

If I have a sequence of recovery I should know where is taking that parameter from. Where are these variables taken from is a good question to solve my problem

I told you before it's not an error only in NMM, I see the error in Networker Client run in the same client machine. The error is visible in the four exchange MailBox that are part of DAG.

I really appreciate your help.


Hello Koven,

The first thing we need to know is what is the real name of the DAG, is it or

To check the entries NetWorker/NMM have available you need to do as follows:

1.- Open NMM GUI and go to Options->Configure Options

2.- In the configure options window click on the "refresh (double green arrow" button and a new Windows will open.

3.- On the left panel you will see the list of all clients. Select on the left the correct client name and select "Add" and OK

4.- Once the correct client is shown in the right column please select it from the drop down menu and try again the restore operation.

If you are still facing the same issue I would suggest you to open a case with Support so they can check your media DB, as I suspect you have multiple entries for that client with different name.

Thank you.



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