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not generating any logs

Hello Experts.

I am completely  new to the networker, I have one query

we have a sybase database configured in the networker for which once the backup get failed the  the error log are not getting generated in the log file

it is showing only the as "NOTE: No details are available for this job"

kindly let me know the any  solution for this. 

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This may happen if the severe error occurs in the very early stage of the process.

In your case, it could help that we know ...

  -  which OS and NW versions do you use?

  -  does a standard file system backup work at all?

  -  how is your client configured?


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you should not only be looking on the NW server end for logs, but also on the NW client end, in case the backup part failed, even before reaching/talking with networker.

Without actually stating what you are even doing and with what version for example, it is difficult to assess anything except being very generic in response as well...

did it ever work? what about backups initiated from client end, using either nsrdasv or (on windows) the Networker User for Sybase GUI nwbms.exe?

By default, NMDA generates the debug log files in the directory /nsr/apps/ logs or NetWorker_install_path \apps\logs, unless specified otherwise via param NSR_DIAGNOSTIC_DEST.

so for example in /nsr/applogs/xbsa.messages (XBSA = NetWorker X/Open Backup Services Application)

When the Sybase Backup server encounters an error or condition requiring a warning, the server writes a message to the Sybase Backup server error log. The default error log location is $SYBASE/$SYBASE_ASE/install.


which OS and NW versions do you use?

Linux , 19.3

  -  does a standard file system backup work at all?

yes, FS backup is working

  -  how is your client configured?

manual configuration

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