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BPDU Filtering


Switch Model - PowerConnect 5424

SW version -

I have a problem with BPDU Filtering (Spanning-Tree)

this is my topology (attached picture), both switches working fine with STP - MST

(CISCO Switch is the - root bridge for instance 1 + 2).


My problem appear when i connect new switch to Dell PowerConnect 5424 that is working with PVST, but the connection port configured with STP DISABLE + global configuration (spanning-tree bpdu filtering).

In this situation the Dell Switch become the root bridge for instance 1 + 2.

What can i do to block bpdu message (PVST) from the new Switch that connect to dell and working with PVST. (Attached example),


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RE: BPDU Filtering

One thing you could try is enable portfast and BPDU filtering on the one specific port on the 5424, then test.

However you can manually set the Cisco switch with a lower priority, forcing it to be the root.


Switch-15> (enable)set spantree root 1
VLAN 1 bridge priority set to 8192

With the priority hard set to be lower it will win the election process.

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