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Re: N1108 Series -- "Uplink" ports do not forward

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I'd like to expand upon the issues discussed thus far.

We have the same switch and are trying to use it as our PoE source for 8 SonicWALL SonicWave access points.


Our configuration for the Wireless is :

X2WLAN Gbps Full Duplex SonicPoint InterfaceEdit this entry
 X2:V100VAP-Secure-G Sub-Interface Secure SP-GEdit this entry Delete this entry
 X2:V101VAP-Secure-N Sub-Interface Secure SP-NEdit this entry Delete this entry
 X2:V200VAP-Open-G Sub-Interface Open SP-GEdit this entry Delete this entry
 X2:V201VAP-Open-N Sub-Interface Open SP-N


The problem we  are facing is that with the N1108 connected to the X2 port, it seems that it won't pass all the VLANS. We checked the green settings for the ports and disabled it for all of them. We are using port 10 as uplink back to the SonicWALL.  


While I've configured this identical scenario with another manufacture's PoE+ switch and it works perfectly out of the box, we continued to be stymied as to how to configure the Dell EMC switch to function properly.

Any help would be appreciated!

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