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PowerConnect 2724 VLAN help

I have installed a PC2724 and it is uplinked to a Cisco 3550.
Example:  Cisco 6509 --fiber-- Cisco 3550 --fiber--Cisco 3550 --copper-- PC 2724 --(need to be VLAN51)
(1) I need all the ports on the PC2724 set to VLAN51.  I am unsure of how to configure
the VLAN membership and VLAN port settings areas using the OpenManage Switch
Administrator. (ie Tagged or untagged, PVID = 51??)
(2) All the fiber links are Trunked.  However, my understanding is that I need to keep the
uplink on the PC2724 set to VLAN 1 for management access.  How do I configure
the uplink port to handle traffic from both VLAN 1 and VLAN 51??
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Re: PowerConnect 2724 VLAN help

Addressing your inquiries respectively --

To configure an interface to accept and forward untagged frames

  1. VLAN Membership - Create VLAN ID 51, then add the required access interfaces into the necessary VLANs with a U
  2. VLAN Port Settings - Assign the native VLAN (PVID) to coincide with the VLAN Membership ID assigned to the interface -- 51.
  3. VLAN Membership - Remove the interfaces from VLAN 1 by designating a blank "Static" status

To configure an interface to accept and forward 802.1Q tagged frames and accept and forward untagged frames

  1. VLAN Membership - Add interfaces 23 & 24 into VLAN 51 designated with a T, and do NOT remove the interfaces from VLAN 1.
  2. VLAN Port Settings - Ensure the PVID for interfaces 23 & 24 are configured with PVID 1.
Provided the Cisco 3550 has a similar configuration - an 802.1Q trunk with VLAN ID 1 untagged, Native VLAN (PVID) 1, and VLAN ID 51 tagged - there should be no issue with communication.
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