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QoS for VOIP protocols RTP-Base and SIP on N3048P

Hello everybody,

We have an issue with the quality of the VOIP calls we have.
That is why I wish to prioritize VOIP traffic (RTP-Base and SIP) on our N3048P switches through QoS.

The scope is:

  • We use softphones on our Windows 10 machines. Therefore creating a VLAN for VOIP is not possible (I think??)
  • Protocols we use for VOIP are RTP-Base and SIP.
  • I have enabled Auto-VOIP but I don't know if it is working. It prioritises traffic class 6.

My questions are:

Is auto-voip sufficient to get QoS for RTP-Base and SIP?
Are these protocols included in the traffic class 6?
If this is not the correct way to configure our Qos VOIP than is there anyone who can advise me on the best way to get QoS on our switches for these VOIP protocols.

Thank you all in advance!


Ron Beugeling

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Re: QoS for VOIP protocols RTP-Base and SIP on N3048P


Have you tested it after enabling QOS? If it isn’t enough voice vlan can be better. Page 769

Josh Craig
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