Connected to Internet but no web pages

Hi, I hope someone can help me with my internet mystery.  I have a Dell Vostro 200 desktop computer.  It was new in August 2008 and runs on Windows XP Service Pack 3.  It has a Core2Duo processor and 2Mb of RAM.  It’s connected via an ethernet cable to a Linksys Wireless-N router, which is then connected to my HughesNet (satellite) modem.

I’ve never had any trouble with it and have been very pleased with it – until a few days ago!  I worked on the internet for about four hours, paying bills and posting some ads on craigslist.  Then I turned off the computer and went out to dinner.  When I turned the computer back on six hours later, I was surprised by the slow internet connection.  I could not get any web pages to come up – just progress messages saying, “waiting for www……”.  I could not even do a speed test because I couldn’t get on the 2wire web page.  I tried and tried in three browsers – Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera (Internet Explorer quit working on both of my computers after a Windows Update one day last year).  I rebooted the modem -  I rebooted the computer – no web pages.  After a few hours of frustration, I turned on my new Dell laptop and got onto all my favorite web pages with no problem – and satisfactory speed.

Even though I know that I made no changes to the computer’s configuration that day, I have done the following things – 

(1) I went to Control Panel / Internet Options and restored all the security settings to Default.

(2)  I connected the modem directly to the computer, bypassing the router.

(3)  I ran a virus check of the whole hard drive with Avast.

(4) I ran checks for malware with Spyware Terminator, Malwarebytes, aSquared, and Spybot Search & Destroy.

(5)  Every night I use CCleaner to remove all temp files and clear cache, as well as creating a new restore point before I turn the computer off.  I have tried to restore to several earlier Restore Points but got an error message that nothing was changed and it could not be restored.  

The current situation is –

(a)  My laptop computer has no problem, so I know it’s not the modem, the satellite dish, or the router.

(b) Downloading an update from within the anti-virus and spyware programs presents no problem and seems to be as speedy as usual.

(c) If I reboot the computer and open up one of the browsers, I can download one page from any of my bookmarks, but then I cannot go to another page through any links on that page or through another bookmark – until I reboot the computer again.  And then, I will still only get the first page I click on.

I really need to be able to access the internet from my desktop computer.  I hope someone out there will recognize this problem and offer a suggestion for it’s solution.  

Thank you so much, - - - Vicki in California

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Re: Connected to Internet but no web pages

Hi Vicki,


I have exactly the same problem in my DELL Inspiron 1545 with win 7 on it


connection wireless is good, all work fine for different sistems as torrent, but  no way to get any webpage in any browser.

in some way I think the problem can be related to the resolving of  the addresses from the DNS.


What is the name of your card and are you able to ping google.com for example?

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Re: Connected to Internet but no web pages



First, the simple thing to try first is to turn off the IPS modem/router and your wireless router(if any) and wait 30 seconds. Then turn on the ISp modem/router first. Wait 30 seconds, then turn on your wireless router. Sometimes during power flickers and electrical storms, the flickers cause problems and doinf this resets it.


Second is to try WinSock XP Fix and see if this helps.





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