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Dell XPS 13 (9350) - Wifi and Bluetooth not available


neither my WiFi nor  my Bluetooth are working after a Windows10 update (so called W10 spring update) installed itself automatically on the 14th June on my Dell XPS 13 (9350).

The Bluetooth Icon is not showing/available in the information center. I can`t even turn it off or on. The Wifi button is available in contrast. But the wifi always stays disabled. As soon as I click on it, it grays out and the Wifi stays disabled.

I have the same problems/symptoms on my XPS 13 as in the following Link:  

I tried many different things - but nothing seems to have worked.

  • Installed newest driver for the Broadcom Dell 1820 networking card (did not help)
  • Installed all new drivers (through Dell update utility) (did nothlep)
  • updated the Bios (did not help)
  • Restored a system image from December 2017 when everythingswas working properly. Unfortunately, somehow my WiFi and Bluetooth still display the same problems even on this older system image
  • Installed windows10 fresh/from scratch. The WiFI and Bluetooth problem persist even on a fresh installa
  • Tried many other proposed solutions (using the windows troubleshooting (just tells me the problem is that my WiFi does not turn on), restoring the standard network settings, deinstalling any vpn software I have, et.c) - nothing helps

Finally, I though my current Broadcom networking card was defect. So I researched a good replacement/alternative.Since Dell also used and support the Intel 8265 Networking card in the XPS13, I had a professional replace the current Broadcom Dell 1820 networking card with it.

But, the same problems with my WiFi and BT persist.

I would be very grateful vor any help!.

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Re: Dell XPS 13 (9350) - Wifi and Bluetooth not available

@Rowzee  encountered the same error and provided a solution that also worked for me. "In my case it was really an annoyance - all BT devices worked, but occasional BSOD due to btwaudio.sys. Tried updating drivers, etc. multiple times. Finally found a solution which worked for me (XPS13 Windows 10). I went to 'add / remove programs' and towards the end found WIDCOMM bluetooth driver. I removed it and system has been fine ever since."


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Re: Dell XPS 13 (9350) - Wifi and Bluetooth not available

Thanks for the reply. 

I tried that suggested solution. But I did not have any WIDCOMM software on my Dell XPS13. Since I also experience total wifi loss/failure (I am forced to use a wifi adapter constantly), I think that combined with my bluetooth problems there should be another cause for these problems. Personally, I think the windows 10 Update from May/June caused these problems.

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