Wi-Fi Using Verizon Jetpacks

I have a Dell XPS9000.  In the rural area in which I live, I can't get cable, Fios or DSL.  Since I couldn't get any of those when I bought the PC, I didn't get any kind of a network card.  I get my internet using a Verizon 3G wireless modem.  Recently, Verizon has extended 4G out to my area.  What I'd like to do is get a Verizon jetpack.  The jetpack uses the 4G network to act as a Wi-Fi device that will support 10 devices.  My PC can then connect to the internet by Wi-fi provided by the jetpack.  This will be a huge improvment in speed over my 3G wireless modem.  What device to I need to get for the XPS9000, so that it can connect to the Wi-Fi provided by the jetpack?



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Re: Wi-Fi Using Verizon Jetpacks

Hi scilipoj,

XPS 9000 has three PCIe 1X slots. To access wireless on your computer, you can either purchase a PCIe card or a wireless USB adapter. You may refer to links below which shows the PCIe cards and the wireless USB cards.

For PCIe Card : http://bit.ly/VYgYO2
For USB card : http://dell.to/14iqbBl

PCIe Cards would be connected internally to one of the PCIe 1X slot of the computer whereas the USB adapters will be connected to one of the USB ports to the computer.

You may also refer to the user manuals of your system: http://bit.ly/Zf1tjI

Keep me posted. Please reply for any further questions.

Thanks and Regards,
Vikram M
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