How do you setup Multicast on PowerConnect 6224?

I've been having trouble using multicast between VLANs, where:


1)  I can connect to multicasts within a vlan
2)  I cannot connect to multicasts from another vlan


So I hope someone with PowerConnect 6224 experience can help me out.


My setup is:


VLAN1   - 192.168.255.x
VLAN20 - 192.168.254.x
VLAN10 - 192.168.253.x

The goal is to:


Be able to route multicast video streams between all listed VLANs. 


I haven't been able to figure out or get this working; in fact when I mess with it the L3's web interface performance drastically slows down when I start streaming-- and it still doesn't work.



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Re: How do you setup Multicast on PowerConnect 6224?

So for multicast routing , the first thing you need to be aware of is "multicast flooding"......unless you turn on igmp snooping all the multcast video stream will hit all PC's whether they want it or not.

So on each interface turn on IGMP Snooping -so that the switch can detect IGMP Joins or Leaves and Map the L3 multicast address to L2 MAC address clients.

int vlan x

ip igmp

Also you need to turn on IP multicast routing

at global level  "ip pimsm"

This enables Sparse mode multicast routing - which is a more controlled mode than Dense = Flood/Prune. In Sparse mdoe teh multicast router only builds state when it has clients who want to recieve traffic, rather than all the time.

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