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Worst ever customer service Cant cancel order

I had ordered a camera case on the 29th of June 09. The estimated delivery date on that was the 17th of July. Later when I checked the order status on the site the new date was in August. Then I phoned Dell customer service to enquiry the status and cancel it if it wasnt arriving by the 17th. However, they assured me it was still on for delivery on the 17th of July. The customer service officer was not one of the polite ones.

Then I received an email from Dell about couple of days before the estimated date. Now the date was changed to 3rd of August. On calling the customer service the lady mentioned I cannot cancel the order. she said I cannot complain anywhere. ( seems like Dell does not have complain procedure in place). Even if i write a letter the order will not be cancelled.

I can only return it after it arrives.  I read on the forums that you have to pay additional fees for restocking if you return a product. So i just wanted to cancel the order before it arrives. I just cannot understand why it is impossible to do so.

I filled an online order support form asking them to cancel the order and this was the reply


Dear XXXX,

Thank you for contacting Dell online customer service.

I apologise for the inconvenience this issue has caused.

I have checked on the progress of your Dell order [order number XXXXX] – and it’s being processed.

Your current estimated delivery date is 26/08/2009.

Due to the popularity of the product our demand has exceeded supply. Our factory is working with our suppliers and Dell will always try and improve the delivery date on your order.

I can assure you our team will be working hard to obtain the part.

I think the best thing would be to keep checking the Order Status link ( – as soon as we get information it will be updated on that link.

When you placed your order it immediately entered our automated system, this ensures that every order is completed as quickly as possible. Hence we would not be able to request for the cancellation at this stage.


Dell Customer Service


This is terrible the new date is still later. and dell does not want to cancel the order. I wanted the case before going on my holidays. If Dell could not deliver on time, the least they can do is cancel the order. I can find other supplier who can deliver well on time. I dont think i will ever buy anything from dell again after this stressful experience.


Its shocking that such a reputed company has such poor customer service standards.





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Re: Worst ever customer service Cant cancel order

I have the same problem. When I ordered my camera the delivery date was Dec-2nd and by the time I completed the order the delivery date is Dec-15th. I called the support the same day and the person I spoke to told me that he can't cancel the order because of a system outage and wanted me to call back. I called back and the same issue, this is a very bad experience with Dell.  Still trying to get the order canceled. I will not be in town and can't leave the expensive camera sitting on the porch.

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Re: Worst ever customer service Cant cancel order


They dont know how to treat customers. Thy cancelled two orders mine withogut telling me and placed a new order with a wrong delevery and invoce address. Now its on the way from china and shedule to delever withn two days. Can dell change the delevery address , Actually only house no is wrong. I asked them to change it but  they are not telling the truth.

Can i cancell this order becaue its manufactured with a new order no without my conformation

If could please come up with solution



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