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2 Jasper

Can't burn DVD's

For some reason the dvd burner on my Optiplex 7010 no longer burns DVD's. I've been using it for data backup and have tried both Ashampoo and BurnAware software. It works with neither and I get a message that there is no DVD in the drive. I can play CD's fine.I am running Win10 Pro. Any advice is appreciated.


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You cannot use dvds with Backup programs. You can copy files to dvd but the discs are not compatible with backup programs that need more space. Buy an external hard drive for Backups.

Also you cannot burn or play video dvds without a 3rd party dvd player program.

10 Diamond

combo drives use more than one laser for burning. since it no longer reads disks that means the read/write head for the dvd side has failed.  Time to buy a new drive.  they are not expensive.


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Well I'm confused. A few months ago I was burning data to a dvd disc and was able to update it.


Thanks for your help. Will do so.

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