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【Technical Discussion】 Oracle Database Migration from NAS (with dNFS) to SAN (FC)


There is a customer that has an oracle database that uses dnfs to connect to the storage.  They now want to connect the server via fiber channel.

Can I recommend an operating system copy or is there anything that needs to be done at the oracle database?

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Seems the customer would like to migrate the Oracle database from NAS (with dNFS) to SAN (FC). 

For the block storage, which volume manager would the customer choose, File System on block or ASM?

There are a number of ways to migrate a database, cross hardware platforms or OS environments:

-  Data Pump:  You can use the Date Pump export and import utilities to migrate an Oracle database between platforms and OS environments, but it can be very slow for large systems.

-  RMAN:  RMAN is handy for moving a database to different hardware, even if it is not on the same operating system. 

-  Goldengate:  Goldengate provides cross platform replication that can be used to migrate tables across platforms. 

-  Cross-platform transportable tablespaces

We would recommend you to use RMAN feature to migrate the database from file system to SAN in your case. You need some configurations at the target DB side. For the source database, it needs downtime.

For detailed steps refer to Oracle metalink document: Steps To Migrate/Move a Database From Non-ASM to ASM And Vice-Versa [ID 252219.1]

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