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Datacenter Power and Cooling Managment Software

Most, if not all, datacenter power and cooling equipment support SNMP and have their own individual apps to manage them. What apps are available to manage the datacenter as a whole?
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Scott Hanson
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RE: Datacenter Power and Cooling Managment Software

Excellent observation. I would say, watch this space. This is part of the reason we partnered with Liebert and you will see more announcements of things we are working on. It is a challenge to get the IT side of the house and the Facilities side of the house to talk to each other. Us (those is IT) have our standards SNMP and some others, and the facilities side have access to those, but they also have other standards. We are actively working on the "one pane of glass" for the datacenter as a whole. Meaning, IT stuff (servers, storage, etc), and facilities stuff (CRACs, chillers, etc) and how not only can we monitor everything, but actively MANAGE it all.

If you haven't see the Liebert announcement, I would start there, good paper too --> http://www.delltechcenter.com/page/Dell+Liebert
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