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Dell Multi-UPS Management Console vCenter integration

I have two Dell UPS Rack 1920W/ 1500W LV (K792N)( FW 01.14.0003) with Network Management cards H910P (FW 01.18.0005).
They are managed by Dell Multi-UPS Management Console - 01.08 build 0015.
I see no newer updates.
Recently we updated vCenter to version 6.x and ability for integration with vCenter has been lost (does not work any more).
On DELL UPS resource page http://www.dellups.com/resources page I can see dell products are now pointing to APC support page.
I tried also to use PowerChute Network Shutdown v4.2 for virtualisation but I am stuck with Network Management Card registration (H910P does not have such a thing as "authentication phrase").
-Anybody knows if there will be updates or I will have to abandon Dell UPSes?
-Any advice how can I utilize/configure existing equipment?
-Any chance I can use PowerChute in this setup?


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Re: Dell Multi-UPS Management Console vCenter integration


Unfortunately, I do not see a newer version that supports ESXi 6 or newer. These older UPSes were not APC, so Powerchute most likely will not work. Maybe someone is the community has found a workaround.

Josh Craig
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