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High fan speed after adding HP memory, unknown status

Hi - we have an R720 that was recently upgraded with some HP memory we had available. After the installation (upgrade 64GB of 4-16's  to 128GB with another 8 of 8GB) we notice the fans are noticeably louder than previously immediately on startup, and two of them remain at 3480RPM (only 1 cpu installed)

16 | Fan5 RPM | Fan | 3480.00 | RPM | 'OK'

17 | Fan6 RPM | Fan | 3480.00 | RPM | 'OK'

I suspect it is because the memory is displayed in iDRAC with 'unknown' status and the cooling is going into fail safe? 

Maybe this should go into another forum for memory but since the symptom is loud fans I'll start here. 

Google for hp memory in dell server turns up nothing appropriate.   We have just tried changing a few settings in idrac shell / ipmi over lan to no avail.

Tried changing these:

racadm get system.thermalsettings

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