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Power Center Humidity and Database

Hello friends, I was wondering if in the new PowerCenter 3.0 any data on humidity censor of the Dell PDUs can be found anywhere.

Also, does anyone knows the structure of the tables and fields of which the PowerCenter database is composed of? Is there any document where i can find information about its structure? This is in order to create personalized reports with Crystal Reports.

Thank you in advance, best regards.

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RE: Power Center Humidity and Database

Hi Andres,

Thanks for the question.

Presently OMPC does not record the Dell PDU humidity censor.

As the Database is internal to the product we will not recommend user to access it directly. However the new REST APIs may achieve the goal you are seeking. You can create personalized reports using the REST API. For more information please refer to the user guide and OMPC REST API guide



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