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RE: Clearing out a "non-critical" warning

While I do FULLY agree with theflash1932's comments, I think that server admins should have access to the knowledge to manage and configure their environments as they see fit, even if it may be to their own detriment.  With that being said, you can disable the certified drive checks by following the info on this page: https://toughtechsite.wordpress.com/2017/12/03/the-case-of-non-certified-physical-drives-causing-war...

Standard responsibility disclaimer applies, not recommended, may void warranty, may negate availability of Dell assistance, etc.  But for others who are ok with these risks, and/or are out of warranty support period anyway, you now have the information necessary to get rid of the unnecessary warning.  

Side note for Dell: there really should be a way to disable these non-critical, arbitrary warnings in OMSA.  I've missed ACTUAL VALID warnings because i got used to seeing the non-certified warning triangle in OMSA.  You shouldn't be "Crying Wolf" when it comes to things like server administration.