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Drive Compatibility


Hi, I just purchased 2 used dell servers (R310 + R510). I am planning on using the R310 as an archival NAS with low usage and the R510 as a RAID-Z2 NAS.

The R310 has the PERC H700 card which is not compatible with FreeNAS and the R510 has the SAS 6i/R which is not compatible with drives over 2TB. I am looking at purchasing either a PERC H310 flashed to IT mode or a PERC H200 flashed to IT mode. My understanding is that IT mode eliminates any drive capacity issues.

My question is, once either of these cards are flashed to IT mode, does the sector size matter anymore. I would like to install (WD Red 4tb) x 7 in the R510 and (WD Blue 6tb) x 4 in the R310. I am not certain but I think these drives have 4k sector sizes with no support for 512e.

Also I think i need new cables for the R510 with the SAS 6i/R card because it uses 2 SFF-8087 to SFF-8482 cables to connect the backplane.

This is my first experience with servers so all the help is appreciated 🙂

Let me know if there is any missing information

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