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Is DELL R450 can create multiple RAID group, and visible by window server

Hi guys,


I have a question would like to seek your all suggestion, and here is my question:


Is R450 server allow to create more than 1 RAID group in it, and those new created RAID can be viewed by window server OS?

For example, I have a DELL R450 and configured with RAID 5 for 1st 3 hard disk drive. Meanwhile, I installed a window server OS on the RAID 5 Virtual Disk.

After few month, i would like to expand the capacity of the Window servers. Hence, I plan to slot in 4 additional hard disks into the server and configure 2 raid 1 Virtual Disks (2 hard disk for each RAID 1 group). Is that can be done?

Inside the Window Server, will those virtual disk can be viewed and used?


Thank you.


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Yes PERC H755 support multiple virtual disks.

DELL-Shine K

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Yes. This is supported. You can create multiple virtual disk on same controller and all virtual disk will be available on the operating system. PERC controller also support creating multiple virtual disk on same physical disk groups.


You can also add more space to current virtual disk by adding more drives to existing virtual disk. 

What storage controller you have on the server

DELL-Shine K


Hi @bklee,


I agree with what Shine K has said and please refer to the below links for the supported controller configuration on the R450 and their supported RAID config.





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Hi Shine K,

Thank you for your reply, I check the controller and its PERC H755 Controller, Front. Is this controller able to fulfill my requirement?


Yes PERC H755 support multiple virtual disks.

DELL-Shine K


Great!!! Thanks for your verification and help on this.

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