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OS swap for backup - wrong Boot sequence

We have a Poweredge R740XD with a RAID 1 of two SSDs (disk#1 and #2) for our Operating systems.

I've created a backup of my OS on two extra drives (disk#3 and #4) a while ago using Acronis while the drives were in RAID 1 configuration.

I tried to swap my current OS (disk#1 and #2) with my backup drives (disk#3 and #4), I import the foreign configuration for the system to detect the new RAID and I was expecting my server to automatically boot to my OS once the configuration import was over. 

Unfortunately, the Boot sequence is wrong and the server is displaying the following message: 


The current solution is to navigate to BIOS settings and select the third option from the Boot settings UEFI sequence.


Is there a way to avoid this manipulation when we swap our Operating system RAID?

Thank you.

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Re: OS swap for backup - wrong Boot sequence

Your screenshot shows that the raid controller in slot 6 is the 3rd option in the boot sequence, but you're saying you have to go select the 3rd option to make it boot from drives 3 & 4? This sounds like the same thing. 
The only question that comes to mind is when the system was booting to drives 1&2, is the system in BIOS mode or UEFI mode? Same question when trying to boot from disks 3&4, were they created in BIOS mode or UEFI mode?  


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