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SSD Read and Write Policy on Controller PERC H700 Integrated

Hi All,

We upgraded our Dell PowerEdge R710 to SSDs
We have RAID 0 and RAID 5
Both RAID configs are really slow with Read and Write

Current RAID 5 Policy
Read Policy: Adaptive Read Ahead
Write Policy: Write Back
Disk Cache Policy: Enabled

I tried several other settings, however, on my testing, I cannot get a speed any higher than 1000MBps on both Read and Write.

I used CrystalDiskInfo for Benchmark testing.
We have another Dell PowerEdge R710 with SAS Drives.
All SAS Drives have 6GBps speed and I can get as high as 6GBps with my Benchmark Testing.

What is your recommendation for the Read and Write Policy for SSDs?

Thank you.

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Re: SSD Read and Write Policy on Controller PERC H700 Integrated



May I know if you're using Dell SSDs? There have been user feedback on non-Dell drive are causin Read and Write performance regardless of controller cache settings and Read Write settings.


Meanwhile, could you check if the H700 controller's firmware is up to date.


Here are some old post about H700 and SSDs:







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