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T430 Boot from NVMe issue

I am trying to install Windows Server 2016 on M2 NVME drive inserted in to PCIe port via adaptor. Boot is set up to UEFI and bios updated to latest revision. Windows installer detects the new drive correctly, starts the installation. Than, after first reboot installer can't boot from this drive. Under Boot sequence I can see position '' Unavailable: Windows Boot Manager '' . Option to select this id greyed.

Is there anything that have to be setup to make boot from PCIe available. I am just thinking if NVMe is supported by T430 platform, but the drive is recognisable by the installer, so it is a bit confusing.


I am looking for your help.


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This issue is probably due to the T430 not supporting NVMe SSDs. Since they're not tested in the T430 they aren't supported, that doesn't mean that they won't work, just that we don't test them, so we can't be certain how they will respond with the server.  

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