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3 drives in predicted failure as per Dell OMSA


Dell OpenManage Server Administrator is reporting 3 drives in predicted failure in regards to one of our clients RAID's. We had one of our engineers on-site one month ago and he reported the drives health as normal then. I have checked the logs and saw nothing that would indicate anything going wrong with the drives.

Basically, I would like to verify as to whether Dell OMSA is reporting these details correctly or not, because we do not want to have the client purchase new drives if not needed.

Thank you

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RE: 3 drives in predicted failure as per Dell OMSA


I would start by verifying that you have a complete and up to date backup. Then I would verify that the server, as well as the controller, are up to date and current. Once that is the case then I would look at performing a Consistency Check on the Virtual Disk, if available.

Let me know what you see.

Chris Hawk

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