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M1000e where to start?


We received our first blade M1000e with two 10/40 Force switch, four servers M420 and a PS-M4110e storage enclosure. There are lots to configure, is there some advice where to start and in which order to configure the devices. The Blade will be used for VMware environment. Some best practice guidelines would be great.

I have already a lot of experience how to configure PowerEdge servers.




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RE: M1000e where to start?

The M4110 should have been sold with at least a remote implementation service (assuming this was purchased in the US or Canada). This means that you should be entitled to a service where a Dell team will do these steps:

- configure up to 2 (PowerConnect or Force10) switches for iSCSI

- initialize, configure and set up the M4110 SAN

- configure up to 2 servers for SAN connectivity (this assumes the OS is already installed on the servers and they are manageable via the vSphere client)

The M1000e may have optionally been purchased with a deployment service. You'd want to look into that on your order though.

These services aren't the same as the warranty; warranty covers break/fix, Dell now offers services to help set up your equipment (and on some items like Equallogic, these services are automatically part of the purchase (though not mandatory)).

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